AWS/American Made Slouch Socks for Women 80s Cotton Heavy Long Boot Socks 21 PAIRS Size 9 to 11

$131.99 USD

90% Cotton 10% Polyamide. These slouch socks are an excellent choice for cold weather. Made of soft high-quality fabric they are extra thick, super cozy for comfortable wear. Featuring crew length they make a great match with boots. Great for dance, workouts or just to keep your legs warm. Perfect fit and very comfortable to wear. Very stylish. These slouch socks are warm and ultra-comfortable to wear. Ideal for adults or teens. Great for casual wear or sports activities. Clean with care cold wash only. Plenty of stretch for added comfort. Slouch design push down to style it into lovely slouch socks and pull it back up to warm your legs when it gets too cold or windy. Each Package Comes with 1 Pair White, 1 Pair Black, 1 Pair Red, 1 Pair Anthracite, 1 Pair Gray, 1 Pair Fuchia, 1 Pair Lilac, 1 Pair Ecru, 1 Pair Light Blue, 1 Pair Parliament, 1 Pair Purple, 1 Pair Capri, 1 Pair Peach, 1 Pair Beige, 1 Pair Brown, 1 Pair Mint, 1 Pair Navy, 1 Pair Orange, 1 Pair Pink, 1 Pair Turquoise and 1 Pair Hot Pink Slouch Socks for Women. Pictures may be magnified to show detail. For further information on size, color, conditions please refer to the item description or please ask a question before buying.
  • Each Package Comes with 1 Pair White - 1 Pair Black - 1 Pair Red - 1 Pair Anthracite - 1 Pair Gray - 1 Pair Fuchia - 1 Pair Lilac - 1 Pair Ecru - 1 Pair Light Blue - 1 Pair Parliament - 1 Pair Purple - 1 Pair Capri - 1 Pair Peach - 1 Pair Beige - 1 Pair Brown - 1 Pair Mint - 1 Pair Navy - 1 Pair Orange - 1 Pair Pink - 1 Pair Turquoise and 1 Pair Hot Pink Slouch Socks for Women.
  • Featuring Crew Length They Make a Great Match with Boots.
  • Size- 9-11. Condition- New.
  • These Slouch Socks are an Excellent Choice for Cold Weather. Made of Soft High-Quality Fabric They are Extra Thick Super Cozy for Comfortable Wear.
  • Clean With Care Cold Wash Only.

Heavy Slouch Socks

Stylish Colorful Slouchy Socks are Thick, Warm, Breathable and Provide Long Lasting Comfort with Their Soft Fabric.

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